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About Robots.txt Generator

What Is a Robots.txt File and Why Do I Need One?

Let's talk about what a robots.txt file is and why it's necessary before we get into the incredibly useful (and free!) robots.txt generating tools you should check out.

There may be pages on your website that you don't want or need Googlebot to crawl. A robots.txt file instructs Google which pages and files on your website to crawl and which to ignore. Consider it a how-to guide for Googlebot to help you save time.

What is the significance of a Robots.txt file?

A robots.txt file is useful for a variety of SEO objectives. For starters, it enables Google to quickly and clearly determine which pages on your site are more significant than others.

Robots.txt files can be used to prevent aspects of a website, such as audio files, from showing up in search results. Note that while a robots.txt file should not be used to conceal pages from Google, it may be used to control crawler traffic.

According to Google's crawl budget guidance, you don't want your server to be:

Google's crawler may overwhelm you, or you may be wasting crawl money by crawling unimportant or related pages on your site.
What is the process for creating a robots.txt file? I'm glad you inquired.

What Is a Robots.txt File and How Do I Make One?

For Google, robots.txt files must be formatted in a specified way. A single robots.txt file is permitted on every given website. The first thing to remember is that your domain's robots.txt file must be placed in the root directory.

For further instructions on manually creating robots.txt files, go to Google Search Central. We've compiled a list of the top 10 robots.txt generating tools that you may use for free!

Simple Procedures Our free Robots Txt Generator can help you quickly and simply create robots.txt files.
Fill up the blanks with your own information.
Make a robots.txt file.
Save it to your computer's desktop.
It should be uploaded to your website.

What are the advantages of utilizing a robots.txt file? 

You have complete control over what appears on search engine result pages (SERPs).
A well-crafted robots.txt file may easily keep search engine spiders away from anything that could harm your brand's authority.
In guest pieces and editorial links, maintain link equity.
Only if the link equity passes from the publisher's site to yours is link-building effective. The value that a publisher site offers another through backlinks that improve SERP ranks is referred to as link equity.
Our robots.txt generator also contains a firewall against numerous undesirable spiders, sometimes known as SPAM-bots.